Explore Splendid Flora and Fauna of Magical Kasol Parvati Valley

Kasol, a small village in the lap of the Himalayas in the bank of river Parvati has gained huge popularity in recent times among the trekkers and nature lovers. Nestled between Manikaran and Bhuntar in Himachal Pradesh, this small Himalayan village is popularly known as the Amsterdam of India for its awe-inspiring natural picturesque beauty. Situated far from modern commercialization and urbanization, this village seems to be out of the world for its nondescript beauty. Strolling around river Parvati with the background of powdery mountains remains the center of attraction of tourists exploring the untouched beauty of Kasol Parvati Valley. The magnificent beauty of gushing waterfalls, dark green woods will unveil before you with every few steps along the river. This small valley is becoming a significant part of the Indian tourism sector not only for its magical beauty but also for offering some offbeat trekking trails. Trekking to Kheerganga, Sar Pass, Pin Parbati Pass, Yanker Pass, are some of them to mention.


How To Reach Kasol: 

  • By Air: The airport of Kullu Manali is the nearest air terminal of Kasol. Regular flights from Delhi, Shimla, and Pathankot are available at this airport. It takes almost one hour to cover a distance of 31 km from the airport to Kasol. Vehicles are available in plenty to help you reach your destination. Foreign tourists prefer to get a flight to the airport of Delhi namely Indira Gandhi International Airport and opt to take a cab or board on a bus that will take around 12 hours to cover Kasol Parvati valley distance from Delhi. Click Here To Book Cheap Flight Ticket
  • By Train: Kasol does not have any railway destination of its own. Joginder Nagar railway station and Pathankot railway station are the two most popular trailheads to reach Parvati Valley. These stations are situated nearly 144 kilometers and 150 kilometers respectively from Kasol. Jammu Express, Himsagar express, Andaman Express, Sarvodaya Express are some of the trains you can opt for. 310 kilometers away Chandigarh railway station is also frequently used by visitors of Kasol. You can hire a taxi for private cabs from the railway stations to reach Kasol.
  • By Road: Apart from private cabs and taxis, regular bus services are operated by Himachal Road Transport Corporation. HRTC shares excellent connectivity not only from neighbouring states of Haryana, Delhi, and Punjab but also with neighbouring cities of Shimla, Dharamshala, Pathankot, Kangra, and Solan. NH3 is the lifeline of Kasol.

Best Time To Visit:

Kasol Parvati Valley Himachal Pradesh welcomes tourists round the year as the weather of this wonder hill station remains pleasant throughout the year. When you want to visit completely depends on your choice and preference. If you wish to enjoy chill outs in cold wind, winter is certainly the perfect time for you. Winter lasts from October to February in Kasol and the temperature at this time hovers around 3 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees celsius. Trekking amidst the white surroundings will offer heavenly feelings. However, it is not the ideal time to spend quality time in the lap of nature. If you are intended to do so, plan your trip between March and June.

Summer will bless you to enjoy the surroundings and sightseeing of Kasol in its most energetic form. Ample of events are arranged during the summer to entertain the tourists. Vibrant landscape with the backdrop of white mountains in the daytime and glittering starry sky with a cool breeze is enough to rejuvenate your energy. The temperature of this time ranges between 13 degrees and 35 degrees to make your pleasurable. The magical Valley of Parvati hosts some of the finest festivals of the country during the summer. Attending the vibrant Kasol Parvati Valley party in the village atmosphere is certainly a lifetime experience.

Alike other hill stations, visiting Kasol in monsoon is quite risky with cloudbursts, road blockage, heavy rainfall, and landslides. However, to enjoy the splendid beauty of rain-washed fresh greenery, tourists fond of romanticism and adventure often plan their trip between July and September. Monsoon temperatures of Kasol remain around 22 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius.

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What To See:

  • Tosh village: Nestled on the banks of river Tosh, Tosh village is a popular destination near Kasol. Set at a height of 2400 meters, this village is famous for offering ethereal beauty and picturesque panorama. Trekkers are mesmerized by the overwhelming beauty of the route.

  • Kheer Ganga: Kheer Ganga is one of the most famous trekking routes of Kasol. A trek of nearly four hours will take you to the highest point of Kheer Ganga from where you can enjoy the enchanting beauty of the wonderful valley. Natural hot spring is another attraction of this popular tourist destination of this valley.

  • Parvati river: The calm water of the river Parvati is one of the requisite attractions of Kasol. Enjoy the tranquil beauty of the river passing over the rocks. This river originates from the ManTalai Glacier and flows through the valley to meet river Beas near Kullu. The enigmatic serenity of the meandering river makes it a must-visit place of Kasol.

  • Malana Village: Nestled between the majestic mountain peaks of Deotibba and Chandrakhani, Malana village is a must-go-to destination for tourist wish to enjoy utmost peace. Due to its amazing location, the village seems to get isolated from the rest of the world. It is considered as one of the calmest trekking destinations and is ready to entice you with its distinct culture and beautiful terrains. For its mesmerizing beauty, it is considered as the little Greece of India.

  • Bhuntar Town: Situated at a distance of 30 km from Kasol, Bhuntar town is another attraction to soothe your eyes. Lying amidst dense greenery and steep trails of river Parvati, Bhuntar is the ideal destination for travellers wants to take a break from the hustle and bustle to cheer the mind and restore energy.


Where To Stay:

  • Parvati Woods Camps: To make your stay in Kasol adventurous, considered staying in Parvati Woods camp. Located within 50 meters of the Parvati river, each tent of this camp has two double bedrooms. Swiss tents offered by them include attached washrooms. Free parking, fireplace, Café, 24--hours front-desk service and check-in options are some of the amenities tourists can enjoy during their stay in the camps.

  • Parvati River Cottage: Situated in Jari, Kasol Parvati River Cottage is ideal to enjoy nature to the fullest. Enjoy the gurgling of river Parvati and the white mountains from the cosy and clean rooms of this cottage. Outstanding room service and delicious food served by them make it a preferred choice of nature lovers.

  • North Deodar Camps: North Deodar Camps is another popular accommodation option in Parvati valley Kasol. Well maintained rooms, sun terrace, free parking, electric blankets, delicious Asian breakfast are some of the facilities available in this riverside camps.

  • The Himalayan Village:  If you are looking for a traditional and luxurious staying option in Kasol, this resort will fulfil your needs. Built-in Kathkunia style, this eco-friendly resort is equipped with world-class facilities like free Wi-fi, spa, bar, multi restaurants and many more. They serve free breakfast to their guests and even offer free parking for a private vehicle.

About Visa:

To explore the beauty and spend time amidst nature in Kasol, tourists from foreign countries require a visa. Apply online for the e-visa provided by the Government of India. Applying properly on the specific website with the required documents will help you to get a visa within three days of applying for the same.

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