Best hill stations in Arunachal : Ziro

A Fresh Breath needed in human life. If you want to breathe in the fresh air and spend a holiday with your family, go to Ziro in Arunachal. Ziro is a beautiful place and the best hill station in Arunachal Pradesh tourism. It’s situated an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level with is a landscape of the beautiful lush green forest. Ziro is famous for Paddy-cum-pisciculture cultivation, pine hill, and rice field. You can visit this place for species of flora and fauna in a wildlife sanctuary.

Here is attractive sites are Shiva Linga, Namdapha National Park, Tipi Orchid research center, Meghna Cave Temple, Craft Centre, and Bridge of Daporijo. If you want to spend a holiday in this place, so we suggest reading this article carefully, after that, visit this place.Ziro is one of the best places for Trekking and hikers lovers. If you want to enjoy Ziro, then you must stay a minimum of five days.

It is a part of the town, which is the center of economic activities. Here administrative offices are located is called Hapoli or locally by the Apatanis as “Hao-Polyana.” It is situated location are northeast in India. The festival of music is celebrating every year in Ziro. There are traditional dishes like rice, bamboo shoot, pika Pila, Apong, and meat famous in Ziro. 


How To Reach: 

By Road: You can reach to Ziro by road, there are night buses available from Guwahati to Ziro. It takes time 7 hours, and distance is 470kilometer. The streets are very well in condition, and it covers NH27 and NH15. Buses are available only four days a week from Guwahati, and if you have a personal car, then at-first use the National highway to reach Ziro.

By Air: Jorhat airport are the nearest airport in Ziro, and it is 98km from Assam, and another airport is Lilabari, which 123km from Ziro. After the flight, you can hire a private car and bus to reach Ziro from the airport. Click Here To Book Cheap Flight Ticket

By Rail: If you want to choose to travel on trains, then Ziro doesn’t have its railway station. You can travel by train to Tezpur, and after that, you need to hire another mode of transportation to reach Ziro. There are daily trains available from Guwahati to Tezpur, and it takes 8 hours. From hereafter, you can take a taxi or bus to reach the Ziro.


Best Time To Visit: 


March to October is the best time to visit Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh. In this time, you can feel mild weather and temperature are 14 degrees Celsius in the day time and -13 degrees Celsius in a night time. The lush greenery with clear blue skies, it makes the entire place look picturesque and magical. " Zero Music Festival " is the famous music festival in Zero,Arunachal Pradesh.


Place To Visit In Ziro:

Now we share some essential places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh.

Wildlife Sanctuary: This Wildlife Sanctuary covers 337 square kilometers of land, and it is one of the leading attractions in Ziro. It is home to various endangered species. It is stunning forests, and you can enjoy a much less human intervention with having a wide range of flora and fauna. Also, you can visit Silver-fir tree, orchids, stunning fields of bamboo and ferns are some of the fronds of the trees. Even found endangered leopards in this wildlife sanctuary. It is known as the Bio-diversity zone and located 4 km from the city center in Ziro.

 Meghna Cave Temple: This temple is famous for Lord of Shiva. It is a 5000 year’s oldest temple, and the structure rediscovered in 1962. This temple is the height of 300 feet above the sea level. The top views are breathtaking with the scenic beauty of mountains and forest around the temple. Most people are visiting this temple during Mahashivaratri. It's location about 4km from the city center of Ziro.

 Shiva Linga: Shiva Linga is a situated roadside, which takes you to the largest monolithic Shivling in the World. The shivling has 25feet in height and 22 feet in diameter. It was discovered too long ago by the local people when they are cleaning the forest. From the city center are 8 km to reach the Shiva linga.

 Dolo Mando– Trekking: This place is beautiful for tourism and also it is one of the famous places in Ziro. Peoples are enjoy trekking in this place. This place is also renowned for the top this hillock to view the Hapoli town and old Ziro town. This hillock situated on the western side of Ziro on the Daporijo Road. It has 2 kilometers from the city center of Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh. 


 Where To Stay: 

 Hotel Blue Pine:  This hotel is a famous 2 Star Hotel at Ziro in Arunachal. You can book this 2-star hotel by another different website like make my trip, Goibibo, etc. The price of the hotel in between 1000 to 2000 per night. In this hotel restaurant, free Wi-Fi, free parking, 24 hours room service is also available. It’s located on the quarry line at Ziro in Arunachal.

 Hotel SC Continental: This is a 3-star hotel with really fulfill all requirement for 3-star facility. The price room is booking between 4000 to 5000 for a single night stay. You can book a hotel from any websites and Trip advisor. Free Wi-Fi, free morning breakfast, Banquet room, Meeting room, Conference facilities, Restaurant are also available in this hotel. It about distance 63km from Ziro.

 Hotel Pybss: This is a 2-star hotel in a Ziro. The rooms fully furnished with Restaurant and Modern amenities & Kid Friendly. The rooms are a booking price of 3200 to 4500 per night. In this hotel are available flat TV, air-condition, Fitness center with Gym, Business center with Wi-Fi, Meeting Room, and fully securities 24 hours.

About Visa:

 If you want to tour famous places in Ziro Arunachal Pradesh, then you need to apply for a Tourist Visa. If you are Indian or Citizen of Nepal and Bhutan, there is no Visa required in these 3 Country People.

If you want to visit the best hill stations and get the freshness of nature, then Ziro is the best place for it. Before reaching these places, you need to get some information about the site, ‘Trip smooth’ is a tour planner blog that provides you best information after much researching.

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