Interesting Places to Visit in Haflong during Your Honeymoon Introduction

To enjoy a wide array of natural diversity in a single tour, consider spending your holidays in Haflong Assam. In case, you are planning your honeymoon in an offbeat place, Haflong can be your choice to impress your better half. It is the place that allows you to enjoy the romantic company of each other in the lovely and lonely ambience. Being the only hill station of Assam, there are several interesting places to visit in Haflong that can refresh your mind and rejuvenate your energy. This picturesque hill station of Assam is the part of Dima Hasao district. Nestled in the lap of white mountains and engulfed by green forests, lake, streams and waterfalls, Haflong is the paradise of nature lovers as well as trekkers. Set at a height of above 600 meters from the sea level, Haflong is the address of serene vacation for tourists irrespective of their age and purpose. The versatility of the place along with its surroundings makes it stand out of all other places of this beautiful North-East state.


How To Reach Haflong : 

  • By Air: Haflong does not have an airport of its own. To reach Haflong by air, you can board on a flight to Silchar airport that is considered as the closest airhead of Haflong. It takes nearly 4 hours to cover the distance of 100 km from the airport of Silchar to Haflong. Plenty of taxis and private cabs are available just outside the airport. The airport of Guwahati is the second nearest one and share good connectivity with other parts of the nation as well as some foreign airports. Click Here To Book Cheap Flight Ticket
  • By Rail: New Haflong Railway station is the nearest railway destination of Haflong. Located within 3 km from the heart of the city, this rail station is directly connected to Guwahati station. It is a journey of almost 7 hours by rail from Guwahati to Haflong. Some tourists even take the train to Lumding Junction Railway Station, the nearest railway junction of Haflong.
  • By Road: Haflong is blessed with excellent road connectivity with neighbouring cities. Plenty of cabs and taxis are available to help you reach Haflong from the surrounding major cities. No direct buses run between Haflong and other cities. However; plenty of local buses are available to drop you in your preferred destinations in the hill station.

Best Time To Visit:

Being the home of several tourist attractions Haflong Assam tourism is charmed by a flock of tourists. This charming hill station experiences a pleasurable temperature throughout the year. However, to explore the enticing beauty of Haflong winter is considered as the most preferred season of visiting Haflong. From the end of September to March, the beauty of this hill station is at its best. Surrounded by lush greenery, this calm hill station of Assam welcomes various migratory birds in winter every year. You can enjoy soothing temperature in daytime accompanied by cold breeze while night temperature is a bit low. The summer temperature of Haflong ranges between 25 and 28 degree Celsius. April and May are summer months. Days are sunny, hot and humid. From June to September, light to heavy rainfalls is experienced in Haflong. Despite some problems, nature lovers prefer enjoying the rain in Haflong to enjoy the appealing vibrant panoramic views.



What To See:

  • Haflong Hill: Haflong Hill is the chief attraction of tourists visiting this ethnic village. Being the only hill station of Assam, flocks of people visit this place to enjoy the splendid beauty of hills and flora and fauna of its surroundings. It is ideal for all irrespective of their age and choice. For this reason, it is going to be the best hill stations in 2020. Whether you are planning a group picnic with your near and dear ones amidst the charming nature or walk in the lap of tranquil nature, Haflong is present with all its glory to rejuvenate your mind. Adventure sports like paragliding are also available to offer you a complete view of surroundings.

  • Haflong Lake: The ethnic village of Haflong is set beside the Haflong Lake. It is the major Haflong sightseeing spot. Most of the tourists visiting Haflong prefer to choose accommodation options besides the lake to enjoy the enchanting beauty of the lake throughout the day as well as the true essence of this beautiful hill station. If you are searching for the best place for honeymoon in February, consider staying near the lake and enjoy the peaceful ambience while enjoying your most romantic chill out.

  • Jatinga: Jatinga is the paradise of bird lovers. You can find numerous species of native and migratory birds in this village. Situated near about 9 km from Haflong, Jatinga has gained popularity for the highly suspicious incident of committing suicide of flocks of birds. This phenomenon usually happened between the month of August and November. During these months various tourists visit Jatinga to observe this mysterious phenomenon.

  • Panimoor: Panimoor is popular among the natives as a picnic spot. However, for tourists, it is the place of beautiful waterfalls. This waterfall is created by the Kopili river. You will be thrilled to see the force of the waterfalls, especially you visit during or immediately after the monsoon.

  • Maibong: Located almost 45 km from the heart of the city, Haflong; Maibong is a place that beautifully combines history and nature. Apart from being home of amazing waterfalls and mountains, every nook and corner of this place has the presence of historical architecture. Being the capital of Kachri rulers and the Domacha kingdom in the medieval age, this city has preserved its traditional relics in the museum. The famous “stone house" represented the tradition of Dimacha kingdom till now. You can even find several temples in this region.


Where To Stay:

  • Landmark Hotel Haflong: Landmark hotel Haflong is ideal for tourists searching for luxury accommodation during their trip. They come with 13 luxurious rooms, 2 suites multi-cuisine restaurant bar, free parking, free breakfast, free high-speed internet, etc.

  • Elite Hotel: Excellent location and ambience make it a preferred choice of tourists in Haflong. This hotel is popular for offering clean rooms and serving delicious dishes to their visitors.

  • Haflong Tourist Lodge: It is another popular accommodation option for tourists visiting Haflong. They come with 13 rooms and serve free breakfast to their guests. It is a budget hotel.

  • Eastern Hotel Haflong: If you are tight in budget and looking for a pocket-friendly hotel, consider booking rooms of the Eastern Hotel in Haflong. Cooperative staffs, good food, clean rooms are some of their ESP.

  • Parijat Hotel and Restaurant: Set in the heart of the city, this hotel is famous for offering homely Ambience and serving delicious delicacies to its guests. Their rooms are equipped with mini-fridge, tea and coffee maker, flat-screen television. They serve free breakfast and tea to their guests.

About Visa:

To taste the flavour of Haflong, people outside India require a visa. Applying for e-visa can help you to fulfil your dream. E visa offered by the government of India is available within 3 days of applying.

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