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Singapore is an island city-state located in the Southeastern part of Asia. It comprises the main island and about 62 islets. The nation is a global centre for finance, education, innovation, tourism, trade, only to name a few. It transformed from a developing to a developed nation in a single generation, under Lee Kuan, its founding Prime minister. Malay is the national Singapore language because it is believed that the people of Malays are the indigenous Singapore people. Generally, the four official languages are Malay, English, Chinese, and Tamil.

Singapore city is the capital of Singapore. It is located at the southern part of the island. It is one of the greatest centres of commerce in the world. It is popularly referred to as the ‘Garden City’ or the ‘Lion City’ alternatively.


How To Reach :

  • By air: Singapore Airlines is the official airlines of the city-state. The Changi Airport is the primary international airport in the city-state. The airport is well connected to other parts of the world. Singapore flights are usually expensive in New Year, Chinese New Year, Christmas and often in July and August. Click Here To Book Cheap Flight Ticket

  • By water: You can catch a ferry from Indonesia or Malaysia to Singapore. The port of Singapore is the principal port in Southeast Asia.

  • By rail: Railway stations linked to Singapore are at Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. There is also available a luxury train going from Thailand and Malaysia to Singapore.

  • By road: The city-state has routes linking it to Johor Bahru.



Where To Stay :

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa by Far East Hospitality: this hotel is situated on Sentosa island. It features accommodation with free wifi, a rooftop swimming pool, an outdoor pool, a 24-hour front desk and room service, a fitness center, and free onsite parking.

  • Six Senses Maxwell: it is located in Chinatown. It features a spa, a pool, comfortable accommodation with free wifi, a gym, a restaurant, and a bar.

  • The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore: this luxurious hotel offers you a comfortable stay with free wifi, fitness center, bar, an outdoor pool. The hotel is well-cited proximately close to some tourist attractions in the city. The rooms are comfy, with air conditioners, and a terrace. 

  • Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore: get a comfortable stay at the very heart of Singapore. It is within close range to the Singapore City Gallery. The architecture of this one is a beauty. It offers a restaurant, a gym, a bar, an airport shuttle service, a swimming pool. There is also a terrace for you to enjoy a fantastic city view.

  • Treetops Executive Residences: With lush greenery all around, this hotel offers you top comfort in its luxurious accommodations, each apartment has a garden courtyard, dining and living area, air filters, and so forth. Check out the fun on the outside with a myriad of shopping and restaurant options. This hotel also offers you free wifi, an airport shuttle service, a swimming pool, an outdoor pool, and a bar.

The Best Time To Visit in Singapore :

Singapore has a warm and slightly tropical weather all year round. Rainfall peaks between November and December. During Chinese New Year which comes up either in January or February, the city of Chinatown features a lot of traffic. Another major event is the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix; usually, in September, it is held at the Marina Bay circuit.


Places To Visit in Singapore:

  • Sentosa: this is an island resort on the southern coast. You can get to Sentosa from Singapore via road, cable cars or monorails. Get thrilled with the view of the horizon stretching as far as Indonesia from the towering Tiger Sky. This area is also home to several luxurious residential apartments and yacht docks.

  •  Gardens by the Bay: this is a nature park, beside the Marina Reservoir. It comprises three waterfront gardens: Bay South, Bay East, and Bay Central Gardens. The largest glass greenhouse in the world is in this facility, the Flower Dome.

  •  Merlion Park: this park is popular among tourist visiting Singapore, it is home to the Merlion statues, a mythical creature with the head of a lion and a fish’s body. It is seen as a national symbol.

  •  Universal Studios Singapore: located on the Sentosa island of Singapore. This is a theme park featuring fun rides, several attractions, and shows. It is the first of its kind in Southeastern Asia.

About Visa :

Are you planning a tourism trip to Singapore? Well, this may include obtaining a visa foremost if you are not the nationality of the countries exempt from Singapore entry with a permit, these people can stay in Singapore from 30 to 90 days depending on the country. To get a visa to Singapore, you can apply for an e-visa if you are a citizen of about 15 nations to which this service is open, else, you might have to visit the Singaporean embassy in your area. You look up the category you belong in the visa policy of Singapore.


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