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The People’s Democratic Republic of Laos, colloquially called Muang Lao, is a country in the southeastern region of Asia. The country has a rich cultural identity, with its history dating back over four centuries ago, to the Lan Xang Hom Khao kingdom, it was one of the largest kingdoms in Southeast Asia at the time. It was a major trade hub in the region at the time.

Vietnam is the capital city of Laos. Vientiane Laos is a multi-ethnic country, but the official language is the Lao language. And the Laos people are the most dominant ethnicity in the region, taking up over half of the region’s population. The other groups like the Mon-Khmer people, the Hmong group, and a couple of other indigenous ethnic groups, collectively take up less than half of the country’s populace.


How To Reach Loas :

The Wattay International Airport is the major international airport in Laos, it is located in the country capital of Vietnam. Although there are no direct flights from Europe and the USA, so nationalities or tourists coming to Laos have to come through the surrounding countries – Cambodia’s Phnom Penh, Thailand’s Bangkok, China’s Kunming, Vietnam’s Chih Minh, etc. You can also reach Laos by train, a railway service connects the country to Bangkok. Another alternative is by road transport, road networks connect Laos to China, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. At the border, you must have to change vehicles, if you are using a personal vehicle, you’ll have to complete a lot of paperwork. There is an option of reaching Laos by water transport as well, via the Thai border. The boat port at Luang Prabang. Click Here To Book Cheap Flight Ticket



Where To Stay:

Some of the best hotels in Hanoi and guesthouses in Laos are:

  • Barn 1920s Hostel: This facility features a garden and a bar. It is situated in the capital city of Vietnam, close to the Mekong river. It is well sited, right in the heart of the city, hence bringing you to proximity to most tourist destinations in the city.

  • Villa Kee Lee Hotel: This 3-star hotel is located in the Luang Prabang region. It features a terrace, a bar, fully air-conditioned accommodations with free wifi, 24-hour room and front desk services, an airport shuttle, free parking and facilities for the disabled.

  • Bloom Boutique Hotel & Café:This facility is located in Vietnam. It features a bar, a restaurant, free wifi, free parking, non-smoking rooms, a terrace with an amazing view, and a hospitable front desk and room service all day long.

  • Le Thatluang d'Or Boutique Hotel: Le Thatluang hotel is located in Vietnam, for a promising stay in this comfort filled place, you have free wifi, your privacy, concierge and ticket services for the guests, a swimming pool, free airport shuttle, and a gym.

  • Liberty Place: It is situated in Luang Prabang. It offers you comfort and privacy in its fully air-conditioned rooms, free wifi, room service, an airport shuttle, family rooms and free parking on site.

Best Time To Travel :

The country has its most visits between November to March, and then August. The weather is tropical overall, featuring monsoon in rainy seasons between May and October. It is cold far north between November and February. Major events of the country are the Bun Ork Phansa Buddhist festival which comes up from October to November, the Rocket festival in May, and Lao New year in April.


Places To Visit :

On Laos tourism? Under listed are some cool places that are a must-see.

  •  Vietnam: The capital city is a pristine city filled with several tourist destinations, the city sits on the Mekong River, the most popular attraction in the city is Pha That Luang, the Buddhist stupa, which is as old as nearly five centuries now. And Wat Si Muang, sitting on the ruins of the ancient shrine of Khymer Hindu.
  •  Tham Kong Lo: This cave is located in the Phu Hin Bun National Park. It sits on the Phu Hin Bun river. It is a limestone cave. Inside the cave, is a pool of emerald-coloured water, which the locals hold extremely sacred, they say it is a reflection of Indra’s skin, Indra is a Hindu god.
  • Luang Prabang: This pristine city is the most popular destination in Laos. In Laos history, it once served as the capital city of the Laos kingdom. It is situated at the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers confluence. It features Buddhist temples and monasteries, waterfalls, and a popular night market.
  • Phonsavan: Phonsavan is interpreted as the “hills of paradise”. It is home to the Plain of Jars, a historical structure with a resemblance of jars. This countryside is known for cattle rearing and is not far from the picture of the old west.

About Visa : 

You have a choice of getting a Lao visa on arrival at a border with varying prices depending on your nationality, or in a Lao embassy in your country before your travel. These visas are valid for 3 months, which can also be extended.


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